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Who she is: An image-maker, writer, printer and small-business owner based in Edinburgh.

Likes: stripy socks, the colour black and Andy Warhol

Favourite place in Edinburgh: ‘The window of a top floor Marchmont flat’

Beck started writing and drawing during her formative years in Northumbria. ‘Having always made stuff’, she now specialises in graphic design and illustration, which she hopes to continue to pursue after graduating from her Art History degree. Currently Beck is the owner of The Original Outsiders, a vintage clothing brand, and Acies Co, a selection of sweatshirts, t-shirts and totebags designed by Beck and sold at design markets and online via her Etsy store

The Original Outsiders:

Acies Co:

Beck’s instagram (for anyone curious to see her illustrations):

New Writing: Poetry


As we walked hand-in-hand and silent,

basking in the streetlamp’s judgmental glare,

I would watch the interlocking shapes of our shadows

keeping time on the pavement.


Later, I traced eternity with my eyes shut,

following the outlines of your body

as we lay in the wrinkled sheets

of my single bed.


And now,

I will lay my body down,

As offering

As sacrifice

As feast.


I will stretch my legs out

as wide as they will go

wrapping them around you

to form a bridge between then and now

Looking for submissions for issue 2!

The theme is ‘narratives and narration’. We already have some interesting pieces lined up, one about the relation of queer artists to the canon and the other about women and science, and we’re looking to get it all up and running in 2017. Submissions can take the form of artwork, creative writing (short prose and poetry) and opinion pieces.

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