Z is for zines

Zines, zines, zines. Why are zines important? Making zines allows you to cheaply self-publish and get your ideas out there. Buying zines is about rejecting the corporatisation of mass-media, about telling click-bait feminism to fuck off and about embracing the liberating effects of anti-fashion. Here are some UK-based faves. Not all of them are so affordable, so starting a reading-group is a worthwhile consideration: splitting the cost between a group of like-minded people and meeting up (over tea … over vodka) to read some alt-media gems.

Polyester zine

Glitter! Sex! The internet! They’ve got it all! Polyester is affordable and fun and also happens to have a fab, regularly updated, blog. http://www.polyesterzine.com/buy

Sister magazine

It’s all hidden narratives and youth subcultures with this hard-as-nails feminist publication subverting the typical ‘women’s magazine’ thang. As my wonderful mum said: ‘It’s not exactly Woman & Home’. http://sistermagazine.bigcartel.com/products

Mushpit magazine

A 2 kool for skool, annual anti-fashion publication poking fun at mainstream media. Its creators’ anarchic sense of humour shines through via fake fashion ads and slapstick editorial. An experience. http://www.charlottestreetnews.co.uk/magazine/mushpit-magazine/

So Young magazine

It’s a fully-illustrated music mag!! If you want to recapture the joy you once felt with every new issue of NME, then look no further. Absolutely class music journalism, eye-catching illustrations and a fab way to keep on top of the musical talent emerging in the UK and beyond. Who says indie music is dead?? http://soyoungmagazine.bigcartel.com/

GUT magazine

Alternative, creepy and all about the occult. AMAZING. http://gutmagazine.bigcartel.com/product/gut-magazine-issue-2-the-magic-issue

Ladybeard magazine

Giving a big thumbs-down to the binaristic definition of ‘woman’ in order to provide insightful and provocative content within the glossy magazine format. Beautiful use of illustration and stunningly inventive visuals. Their ‘Sex’ issue is super-hard to get a hold of but soooo worth it if you can. http://www.ladybeardmagazine.co.uk/shop/

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